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About Puducherry

Puducherry or Pondicherry is a little coastal town on the south-eastern shoreline of India, 160 km south of Tamil Nadu Capital, Chennai city. It was a French territory and even today preserves much of this Franco-Tamil spirit.Heritage is one of the most precious gifts, Pondicherry offers its tourists and visitors.

This prehistoric city, was flourishing as early as the 1st Century. A 9th century inscription indicates the existence of Sanskrit University in Pondicherry. The Great Sage Agastya had built his Ashram here and Pondicherry became a Vedic centre, and thus, Pondicherry was earlier known as Vadapuri. Professor Jouveau Dubriel, a French archaeologist claimed that the old Ashram of Sage Agastya was at the same place where there is today Aurobindo Ashram. Archeological investigation near Pondicherry has revealed that trading was taking place with the Roman Empire around the year 0 AD. The Pondicherry area was part of the Pallava, Chola, Pandya and Vijayanagar empires from the 4th to the 17th centuries.

Pondicherry is an erstwhile French Colony. The buildings in the French section of Pondicherry are a legacy of French history in India. All the streets are laid out in a well-planned grid pattern. The buildings in the French section are easily recognizable by their ornamental gateways, decorative arches, garden courtyards with multi-coloured bougainvilleas . The buildings are painted in pleasant hues of lime and peach. Pondicherry is the Southern Union Territory. It is a much-admired tourist destination in India where every year thousands of tourists from all over the world throng the area. Pondicherry highlights the amalgam of the West and the East.

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About Villa Sentosa

Villa Sentosa is a Heritage Hotel. Situated 1 km south of the well-known White town Beach, Villa Sentosa Heritage Hotel is housed in a old-fashioned Merchant’s bungalow. The history of Villa Sentosa is believed to commence from the year 1940. In the 19th Century, Villa Sentosa was the home of a powerful Tamil Mudaliyar Family engaged in textile trade with several overseas countries. The antique renovation of the home of the Mudaliyar Family now presents a majestic view to the guests.Showcasing the French Period Architecture, the heritage bungalow is on a sprawling 1½ acres property adjacent to the famous Sundara Vinayagar Submramaniya Murugan temple. Villa Sentosa is located in a village named Muthaiyalpet, well-connected to the heart of the town. This fragment of Pondicherry Town nurtures the good old Hindu traditions like celebrating Skanda Sashti festival with all its pomp and splendor for the past 156 years.

Often, A step back to look at the past is the prelude to a step forward and inspiration. This concept is the genesis of Villa Sentosa .A visit to Villa Sentosa will make you feel like a real landlord.You can also cherish the delicious food of the in-house restaurant of Villa Sentosa. You can re-live, re-vitalize and rejuvenate at Villa Sentosa. A guest will be charmed by this French Town where cultures melt to give a different feel.

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